Board Members

Kathy Wilson Jessi Cantrell Jessi Stang
President Lottie Miller
President Elect
1st Vice President - Philanthropic Carolyn Yoder
2nd Vice President - Resource Development Prue Schmidt
3rd Vice President - Marketing/Communication Carol Beat
4th Vice President - Membership Kathy Smith
Recording Secretary Carla Cantrell
Corresponding Secretary Dot Bolton
Assistant Treasurer Paula Stine
Bylaws/Parliamentarian Jan Chang
Orientation Kathy Wilson
Placement & Scheduling Susanne Kock

Financial Summary

Aware of the fiduciary responsibility for funds entrusted to our use, we follow the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charitable Accountability.  A summary of our annual fiscal report is also available on GuideStar and Great Following our mission to put caring and commitment into action through community-based philanthropic programs, 74% of our total expenses in fiscal 2013 were spent on program services for the Wichita community.

Statement of Activities

Fiscal Year Ended 5/31/13 5/31/14
Support & Revenue
Thrift Shop $168,574 $196,008
Gingerbread Village $72,746 $48,897
Contributions $221,602 $114,301
Member Dues/Other $12,540 $16,427
Total Support & Revenue $475,462 $375,633
Programs $242,708 $232,833
Fundraising $61,535 $58,884
Mgmt & General $23,468 $24,284
Total Expenses $327,711 $316,001
Change in Net Assets $147,751 $59,632
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